An anal fissure is a tear in the covering of the anus or anal canal (the opening through which stool drops from the body). The fissure can be excruciating and may bleed. Anal fissures can happen with anybody at whatever age in life. The shot at having an anal fissure diminishes as individuals get older. Individuals who have had fissures in the past are bound to have them later on.

What are the factors that cause an anal fissure?

Anal fissures can be caused by injury to the anus and anal canal. The injury can be caused by at least one of the below reasons:

  • Long term constipation
  • Stressing to have a solid discharge, particularly if the stool is huge, hard as well as dry
  • Delayed looseness or diarrhea
  • Anal sex or anal stretching
  • Inclusion of unfamiliar items into the anus

Anal fissures are normal in an infant or newborn child and ladies after childbirth.

What are the signs and indications you might notice before going to anal fissure doctors?



Signs and indications of an anal fissure include:

  • Pain during, and even hours after, a solid discharge
  • Constipation
  • Blood on the outwardly surface of the stool
  • Blood on toilet paper or wipes
  • An apparent break or tear in the anus or anal canal
  • Burning and tingling that might be painful
  • Uneasiness while peeing, frequent urination, or inability to pee
  • Noxious discharge

What performs surgery for an anal fissure include?

Before surgery is considered, your anal fissure doctors will re-evaluate you and may lead to different tests to decide why different treatments have failed to heal the fissure.

A fissure might fail to heal because of scarring or muscle fits of the inner anal sphincter muscle. Surgery comprises of cutting a little part of the interior anal sphincter muscle to decrease pain and fits and permit the fissure to heal. Cutting the muscle once in a while results in the deficiency of capacity to control bowel movements.

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