Tips to Mentally Prepare Yourself for a Bariatric Surgery

If you are planning to get bariatric surgery, then first you need to go through a physical exam to ensure that your body is healthy enough to withstand the procedure. However, apart from being physically healthy, you also need to ensure that you are emotionally prepared for a successful surgery and subsequent weight loss.

Before you start looking for bariatric surgeons near me, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind to prepare yourself mentally.

Know what to expect

Many people falsely believe that after the bariatric surgery, they will wake up thin. In fact, it is possible that you weigh more than you did before because of fluid retention. It is important to set the right expectations and keep in mind that the results will not be immediately visible. It only makes the size of your stomach smaller so that you can successfully go through your weight loss journey. It may take up to six months to lose the excess weight. It is also possible that you may hit a plateau and take another year before you hit your goal. Just be patient through your journey and take help from a friend to help you get through your turmoil.

Don’t do it alone, have some form of support

You can take your primary care giver or a family member and even a friend to help you through this phase. Alternatively, you can also recruit someone who can keep track of your weight loss goal and help you stay motivated. Undergoing bariatric surgery may seem like a daunting prospect for many. Therefore, it is advised to take small steps in that direction and learn everything you can before taking the plunge. You can attend online seminars or join forums to ask questions from likeminded people.

Acknowledge food addiction and work on it

If you have an addiction, then you will need to address that before you go for this surgery. Small stomach after the surgery will not be able to handle your stressful emotional eating. There are many people who use food to manage their stress. However, this short-time solution can have long-term implications that can create issues down the road. Knowing this and keeping an open mind about this will help you control your consumption and make healthier food choices. Before you choose to go through with this, make sure you are ay a point where you want to change because it is very important to manage food after your surgery to lose weight and maintain it.

Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure that can make your life better. It is also a powerful tool to provide overweight people a solution that actually works. Just make sure you fully understand the risks, addictions, and other such factors before going through with it. Take help of professionals at every step of the way to make an informed decision.

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